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Anthrax 'Persistence of Time' (30th Anniversary) 4LP Black Vinyl

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'Persistence of Time’ is the fifth studio album by American Thrash Metal band Anthrax, originally released in 1990, and later Grammy nominated for 'Best Metal Performance'. It contains the hits 

This 30th-anniversary features remastered versions of the original release plus more material. The album spawned the hit singles 'In My World', and the Joe Jackson cover 'Got The Time'.


LP 1:

1. Time (Remastered)

2. Blood (Remastered)

3. Keep It In The Family (Remastered)

4. In My World (Remastered)

5. In My World (Remastered)

6. Gridlock (Remastered)

7. Intro To Reality (Remastered)

8.Belly Of The Beast (Remastered)

LP 2:

1. Got The Time (Remastered)

2. H8 Red (Remastered)

3. One Man Stands (Remastered)

4. Discharge (Remastered)

5. I’m The Man (the Illest Version Ever)

6. Time-Live at the Palace of Auburn Hills

7. Got The Time (Pre production)

LP 3:

1. In My World (Pre production Sco Guide Vocal)

2. H8 Red (Pre Production)

3. Discharge (Pre production)

4. Keep It In The Family (Rehearsal-Scott Guide Vocal)

5. Blood (Rehearsal Pre production)

LP 4:

1. Into To Reality/Belly Of The Beast (Preproduction)

2. Gridlock

3. One Man Stands (Pre-production)

4. Time (Pre-production Scott Guide Vocal)

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