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Armored Saint 'Win Hands Down' 2LP 180g Black Vinyl

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The iconic Armored Saint delivered one of their heaviest records of their illustrious career with 'Win Hands Down', released in 2015. John Bush (vocals) stated: 'When we began talking about a new record I told Joey Vera (bass) to pretend we were a really huge band & that we could do anything we wanted. At least that was the mindset we should have, from the writing to the production. What came out was 'Win Hands Down', which was our first record in five years. There's everything from classic Armored Saint rocker songs to epic songs and we all dug deep deliver something special. If we weren't going to, then we shouldn't have bothered. I'm glad we did.'


Side A:

1. Win Hands Down
2. Mess
3. An Exercise in Debauchery
Side B:
4. Muscle Memory
5. That Was Then, Way Back When
Side C:
6. With A Full Head Of Steam
7. In An Instant

Side D:
8. Dive
9. Up Yours
10. Dive (Deep Remix)

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