After The Burial

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After The Burial T-Shirts & Merchandise

After The Burial are an American extreme heavy metal band hailing from Twin Cities, Minnesota who formed in 2004. After The Burial are one of the bigger names in the modern American metal scene and these guys have gone from strength to strength over the course of their 3 albums and are regarded as a band that are pushing the boundaries of the extreme metal genre.

After The Burial find themselves apart of a very popular worldwide scene where Tshirt designs and merch is extremely important to the fans. You could say that this style of music has become fashionable and wearing the right Tshirts and merchandise is part of the culture for After The Burial fans.

Considered a contributor to the djent scene, After The Burial are paving the way for ever more exciting music as well as ever more exciting Tshirt designs and merchandise items. Take a look at our range of After The Burial Tshirts and merch then buy with confidence!

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