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Anal Cunt T-Shirts & Merchandise

40 More Reasons to Wear Anal Cunt T-Shirts!

Well not 40, but we can safely say that if you are looking for Anal Cunt t-shirts or should we say A.C. t-shirts or even an AxCx t-shirts then look no further.

Possibly one of the most obscene and offensive bands to ever grace the world of extreme metal, Anal Cunt play a raucous blend of grindcore, noise and hardcore. Also known as A.C. or AxCx the band were formed in Newton, Massachusetts in 1988.

Be sure to wear your Anal Cunt merchandise with caution as this stuff can seriously offend. Probably not the best merch or t-shirt designs to wear for a Sunday church service or to your nan's house!!

AC released many albums, splits and compilations throughout their career as well as many Anal Cunt t-shirt and merch designs before the death of lead vocalist Seth Putnam in 2011.

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