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It's Nothing Personal but you really should be wearing a Bury Your Dead t-shirt

Developing from a side project, these Bostonians specialise in the furious sound of metalcore. Bury Your Dead are over 10 years into their career and have so far released six albums and tour regularly and play the summer festivals.

The Bury Your Dead line-up has evolved over the years but the quality and fury of their metal and hardcore sound has remained a constant. We're big fans at Eyesore Merch so we are pleased to be stocking 100% official Bury Your Dead t-shirts and merch for you to buy online.

The 2011 album "Mosh N' Roll" had thematic links to Kurt Vonnegut novels, while "Cover Your Tracks" had song titles named after Tom Cruise movies... who knows what theme the next album will have!!

Show your hardcore love for the band with the Bury Your Dead Crest t-shirt!