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Dragonforce T-Shirts & Merchandise

Sonic Firestorm isn't what happens when Sonic is beaten by Doktor Robotnik but is an album by the amazing Dragonforce.

Dragonforce are a UK extreme metal band, although this band seems to have a list of possible genres as long as their solos!

The two guitarists, Sam Totman and Herman Li, play at a frantic and high-speed pace; this is a key element to the band's sound which is further influenced by the 8-bit sounds of video games and fantasy lyrics.

Formed in 1999 they have released five albums to date which includes the debut, Valley of the Damned, and the latest 2012 release - The Power Within - we stock the t-shirt design for this album.

If you are a Dragonforce fan then cast your extreme metal eye over this great range of Dragonforce t-shirts and stick one in your basket!