Metallica T-Shirts & Merchandise

Metallica are arguably the world's biggest heavy metal band and creators of some of metal's most enduring and biggest selling albums. Eyesore Merch sells t-shirts from a range of bands, many of which have cited Metallica as an influence or a personal favourite - they should check out the range of Metallica t-shirts we have for sale online.

The albums 'Master of Puppets' and the self titled release, known as 'The Black Album', are both over 20 years old but their appeal remains a constant to this day. The band closed the second day of the 2012 Download festival by playing the whole of 'The Black Album', alongside a number of other hits.

Metallica t-shirts and the logo are almost as iconic as the albums, and we are pleased to able to stock official Metallica merchandise. Alongside t-shirts we stock hoodies and flags all available to buy online.

Designs we stock include the "Master of Puppets" shirt, the "Eye of the Beholder" t-shirt and the "Lightening Boris" zip up hoodie.

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