Suicide Silence

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Suicide Silence T-Shirts & Merchandise

Suicide Silence have three albums in an impressive discography of awesome deathcore sounds. The debut album "The Cleansing" has been followed by "No Time to Bleed" and the 2011 album "The Black Crown".

If you are a fan of the extreme end of the metal spectrum then Suicide Silence are the band for you, and their merch is as extreme as their sounds! We have a comprehensive selection of Suicide Silence t-shirts including my personal favourite design the "death of cyclops" which is available in both the loose-fitted and skinny-fit styles.

The merch range also includes Suicide Silence zip up hoodies and a tote bag so whether shopping or moshing we have something for the extreme metal fan here!

Throw on a t-shirt and enjoy the speed, complexity and all-round awesomeness of Suicide Silence