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Weezer T-Shirts & Merchandise

No introduction is really necessary for this band but we will give one anyway. These alternative rockers, mixing in elements of emo and power pop formed in LA back in 1992, and hit the big time almost instantly as not many bands can claim their first gig was as openers for Keanu Reeves and his band Dogstar. It wasn’t long until they found more famous fans, MTV liked them, remember the Vid where the mosh pit was full of dogs. Bill Gates must have loved them; as many people encountered them when they installed Windows 95. That must have been a great merch deal. Talking of great merch deals you can be sure to get great value when you get your Weezer T-Shirts from Eyesore Merch. 

Weezer have released 9 albums and 6 EP’s so far, and are best known for the hits ‘Island in the Sun’ and ‘Buddy Holly’, with the video directed by the legendary Spike Jonze featuring clips from Happy Days. Success also came with several albums reaching multi-platinum success but strangely none making it to number 1. Debuting back in 1994 with a self-titled album that went on to be known as the blue album, reaching number 16 in the US album charts before building on that success with the classic album Pinkerton, and you can pick up both albums merch and T-Shirts from Eyesore.