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Yes T-Shirts & Merchandise

Yes is a British progressive rock band from London who formed back in 1968 and are reknowned for their crazy antics and ‘British-ness’ when they led the prog-rock revolution back in the 1970’s and are still gaining new fans today. With hits spanning the decades they are best known for the songs “Roundabout” and “Owner of a lonely heart” and the legendary 1974 album ‘relayer’ which featured artwork from regular contributor Roger Dean. Having split and reformed before, the band returned in 2008, as progressive rock once again became popular, with fans both old and new seen sporting merchandise from this legendary band.

Yes, Yes, Yes. From the Yes Album, through the years we’ve loved them and they are still making music. Kings of Prog Rock with a great history. Roger Dean art work characterised their album covers and are still treasured. Dean’s artwork made it onto many of the band t shirts and you can find some here with our other Yes merch.

Jon Anderson, Chris Squire , Stevie Howe, Rick Wakeman, Bill Bruford..........maybe the classic line up for us. There’s been 17 people in the Yes cast list over the years. Alan White, Patrick Moraz, Pete Banks, Tony Kaye among the other notables.

With a whole range of psychedelic merchandise for sale, Eyesore has you covered from t-shirts in the warm sunny days to zipped sweatshirt jackets in the cooler evenings or if staying in and listening to Yes loudly on the stereo is more your cup of tea, then why not relax and drink from your Yes logo mug.

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