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Canadian band Woods of Ypres, were formed back in 2002 by David Gold, Aaron Palmer and Brian McManus and play blackened doom metal. They announced their arrival on the scene with the demo “Against the seasons: Cold winter songs from the dead summer heat” the same year.

Releasing their debut album “Pursuit of the sun & allure of the earth” in 2004 which seemingly sent the band in hibernation as it took a further four years before another album would be released. In 2008 the band released ‘Woods 3: The deepest roots and darkest blues’ and followed it up with the critically acclaimed ‘Woods 4:The Green Album’ the following year. The album cover for Woods 4 is a killer piece of artwork for the bands merch as you can see from the Woods 4 T-Shirt designs that we have in-store for you. This album also saw the band debut on the legendary Earache records label and begin to make the whole scene take notice.

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