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Wormrot T-Shirts & Merchandise

Singaporean grindcore legends in the making Wormrot were formed in 2007 after the members had all completed serving their National service, although it wasn’t until Earache Records discovered them on an Invisible Oranges blog mixtape in 2009 that things picked up in Europe for this band, and now its hard to miss many people sporting Wormrot t-shirts & merch at many a grind gig.

After a couple of demos the band debuted with ‘Abuse’, showing their ferocity and hard work ethic that saw fans draw comparisons with Insect Warfare, Phobia and Gridlink. The band soon signed with Earache in early 2010, who reissued Abuse across Europe and brought the band over to promote the release, and as anyone who has seen the band live can testify this band tear it up live.

The band followed this activity up with the second album Dirge, in 2011 before undertaking mammoth European tour the following year, gaining more fans in the process and cementing their place in the upper echelons of grindcore. We have the awesome 'Abuse' T-Shirt and the grind-tastic 'Dirge' T-Shirt in-store for you so sling one in your cart and head for the checkout at blast speed!

Despite the band announcing a 2-3 year hiatus that doesn’t mean you cant get their merch! We stock a wide arrange of tshirts, hoodies and patches with the very distinctive and cool looking Wormrot artwork and imagery.