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Zyklon T-Shirts & Merchandise

Zyklon are a Norwegian blackened death metal band formed in 1998 by Samoth and Trym of Emperor as well as former members of Myrkskog. Counting three full albums and a split with Red Harvest amongst their releases, Zyklon became renowned for playing blackend death metal with industrial elements and you are sure to see fans wearing their merchandise and t-shirt’s at any extreme metal gig.

Like fellow Norweigians Immortal, all of the lyrics are written by a non-band member, in this case former Emperor drummer Faust, who also has played in Scum, and Aborym amongst others.

Despite splitting up in 2010, this is a band that will never die as fans show their appreciation through the wearing of Zyklon merchandise such as tshirts, hoodies and caps. While if your into your denim or leather jackets with patches you cant go wrong with some Zyklon buttons and caps. Don’t forget you can also get your Emperor merch here at Eyesore as well.

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