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  • Mortichnia - 'Heir to Scoria and Ash'  CD

    Mortichnia - 'Heir to Scoria and Ash' CD


    'Heir to Scoria and Ash' is the debut album by Mortichnia. Recorded over a ten day period in December 2014 at trackmix studio, the record was Produced, mixed, mastered by James Kelly(Altar of Plagues), engineered by Michael Richards with Catherine Gavin...

Inspired by the burning fervour of black metal and the crushing despair of doom metal, Mortichnia is a conscious condemnation of human frailty and an awakening of irrefutable regret. Drawing lyrical inspiration from misanthropic instinct, the work presented speaks of sullen wisdom, it's begotten grief sustained by cathartic visions of impermanence. Which apsis demands more? No bodies prostrate in twisted reverence before its cold logic.