Angry Birds

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Angry Birds T-Shirts & Merch

How can these little birds be SO angry!!

The Angry Birds game has taken the world by storm - not bad for what started as an app-based game centred around catapulting a bird via a slingshot at green pigs who are standing on, near and in rickety structures.

It's success has seen it develop from being an Apple iOS game to Android versions and even games consoles. With great success comes great merch and these Angry Birds are no exception.

We are stocking a selection of Angry Birds t-shirts in a loose-fit style that are available to buy online. We stock 100% official Angry Birds merch so don't worry these birds are officially angry! With designs featuring Angry Birds and the green pigs - the cause of all this anger!!

Get yourself some anger management by picking up an Angry Birds t-shirt and play the game in style!