American Werewolf

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American Werewolf T-Shirts & Merch

Beware the moon! For those who stray from the path of the slaughtered lamb pub on the moors, trouble awaits however would the werewolf be so keen to attack if you were wearing an official American Werewolf In London T-Shirt or merch bought from Eyesore merch?

The movie follows two American backpackers, David and Jack, as they explore the British countryside before becoming lost on the moors in the middle of the night, with the only light coming from the cold full moon.

Released in 1981, this movie really is the pinnacle of lycanthropy movies and transformation featuring mind blowing special Fx, written and directed by John Landis (also known for the Thriller video by Michael Jackson) and there is no better way for showing your love not just for the genre but for cinematic masterpieces themselves than getting your official American Werewolf In London merch.

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