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Killing Joke 'The Singles Collection 1979-2012' 4LP Black Vinyl

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Killing Joke ‘The Singles Collection: 1979 – 2012’ features 33 tracks, including ‘Wardance’, ‘Eighties’, ‘Love Like Blood’, ‘Millennium’ & ‘Pandemonium’. This chronological collection of the band’s singles has never previously been pressed onto vinyl. This 4 LP version comes as a deluxe gatefold package pressed on black vinyl.


Side A:

1. Nervous System

2. Wardance

3. Requiem

4. Follow The Leaders

Side B:

1. Empire Song

2. Chop-Chop

3. Birds of a Feather

4. Let's All Go (To the Fire Dances)

5. Me Or You?

Side C:

1. Eighties

2. A New Day

3. Love Like Blood

4. Kings And Queens

Side D:

1. Adorations

2. Sanity

3. America

4. My Love Of This Land

Side E:

1. The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-disc Version)

2. Money Is Not Our God

3. Exorcism (Live in the King's Chamber, Cairo, August 1993 Mix Edit) 

4. Millennium (Cybersank Edit)

Side F:

1. Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit)

2. Jana

3. Democracy (Album Mix)

4. Loose Cannon

Side G:

1. Seeing Red (Edit)

2. Hosannas from the Basements of Hell (Radio Edit)

3. In Excelsis

4. Fresh Fever from the Skies (Record Store Day Exclusive)

Side H:

1. European Super State (Edit)

2. Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove (Dub Edit)

3. In Cythera (Edit)

4. Corporate Elect

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