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Kreator 'Endless Pain' Gatefold 2LP 180g Black Vinyl (Remastered)

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'Endless Pain' is the debut studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator, released in October 1985 by Noise Records. A ferocious debut, it contains the anthemic and politically charged 'Flag of Hate'


Side A:

1. Endless Pain
2. Total Death
3. Storm of the Beast
4. Tormentor
5. Son of Evil

Side B:

1. Flag of Hate
2. Cry War
3. Bonebreaker
4. Living in Fear

5. Dying Victims

Side C: Blitzkrieg Demos

1. Satans Day
2. Messenger from Burning Hell

Side D: End Of The World Demos

1. Armies Of Hell

2. Tormentor

3. Cry War

4. Bonebreaker

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