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  • Aliens 'Title' T-Shirt

    Aliens 'Title' T-Shirt


    Condition: NEW Brand: 100% Official Aliens 'Title' T-Shirt printed on 100% cotton garment Neckline: Crew Neck Fit: Regular Fit Sleeve Type: Short Sleeve Material: Cotton Colour: Black Garment Garment Care: Machine Washable

Alien T-Shirts & Merch

In space no one can hear you scream…but they can still see you wearing that awesome Alien merchandise. Any fan of this seminal 1979 classic, directed by Ridley Scott, will love the merch available at and with the revival of the Alien universe there is no better time to show your allegiance to this sci-fi classic with our choice of shirts and hoodies.

Alien, follows the crew of the space ship Nostromo as they respond to a feint distress signal of an unknown origin, and find more than they expected in the form of a seemingly ancient egg chamber, from which a strange creature hatches from an attaches itself to the crew member Kane’s face, with this series of events leading to the famous chestbuster scene, which has been recreated in t-shirt form…and the rest is history.

Although it has spawned numerous sequals and spin-offs, the look has always remained constant (as has the devious plans of the Weyland Yutani mining corporation) and no self-respecting crew member can do without the official company baseball shirt.

No matter what side you are on, xenomorph, corporation or just the crew, Eyesore have you covered with our selection of Alien t-shirts, hoodies and general merch.