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Never Not Nothing 'Never Not Nothing' LP Test Pressing Black Vinyl

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This is a very limited edition Test Pressing compleate with unique hand painted outer sleeve of the hugely anticipated debut full length album from the awesome Black Futures.

Due to the very nature of these items they are very limited and very unique, each one is a piece of musical history!

A collection of apocalyptic anthems emanating from a source of caustic melody and infectious distortion, Never Not Nothing is a further insight to their vision of a crumbling world, inhabited by a cast of random reprobates and shot through with a sardonic British humour: a devastating gathering of monumental, maximalist and magnificent music, laser-honed to conquer what’s left of the world.

Track List...

1. N.N.N
2. Love (feat. P.O.S)
3. Karma Ya Dig!?
4. Me.TV (feat. Bobby Gillespie)
5. Body & Soul
6. Youthman
7. Riches
8. Tunnel Vision
9. Gutters
10. Trance
11. Power Drunk

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