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Altaria 'Wisdom' CD Jewelcase

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After releasing five very successful studio albums 'Invitation' (2003), 'Divinity' (2004), 'The Fallen Empire' (2006), 'Divine Invitation' (2008), and 'Unholy' (2009), Altaria unexpectedly band back then split up unexpectedly for private reasons.

Ten years later Altaria has risen from the grave with their legendary and most successful lineup and together with Reaper Entertainment released the cult album Divinity in a newly remastered version on CD, digitally and for the first time on vinyl. At the same time, the band was also working on a new studio album that was actually supposed to be released for the
band's 20th anniversary. Unfortunately the pandemic delayed the recordings.

Now the time has come and Altaria will finally release their sixth studio 'Wisdom' album in 2022, containing ten brand new melodic metal anthems, which are in no way inferior to the old classics. Produced by the band themselves and recorded
in their own studio, 'Wisdom' convinces with catchy melodies, driving riffs and distinctive vocals.


1. Wisdom
2. Diablo Rojo
3. Without Warning
4. Kissed By the Flame
5. Power to Heal
6. Sometimes
7. Victory of Winter
8. History of Times to Come (2022)
9. Lost in Time
10. Crimson Rain

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