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Dimmu Borgir 'Northern Forces Over Wacken' 2LP Black Vinyl

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Norwegian symphonic Black Metallers Dimmu Borgir, recorded live at Wacken 2012 with the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra and Schola Cantorum Choir.


Side A:

1. Xibir (Orchestra only - live in Wacken)

2. Born Treacherous (live in Wacken)

3. Gateways (live in Wacken)

4. Dimmu Borgir (Orchestra only – live in Wacken)

5. Dimmu Borgir (live in Wacken)

Side B:

1. Chess With The Abyss (live in Wacken)

2. Ritualist (live in Wacken)

3. A Jewel Traced Through Coal (live in Wacken)

4. Eradication Instincts Defined (Orchestra only – live in Wacken)

Side C:

1. Vredesbyrd (live in Wacken)

2. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (live in Wacken)

3. The Serpentine Offering (live in Wacken)

4. Fear And Wonder (Orchestra only – live in Wacken)

Side D:

1. Kings Of The Carnival Creation (live in Wacken)

2. Puritania (live in Wacken)

3. Mourning Palace (live in Wacken)

4. Perfection Or Vanity (Orchestra only – live in Wacken)

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