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Kardashev 'Liminal Rite' CD Digipack

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Kardashev are arguably the leading proprietors when it comes to the niche deathgaze genre, since their inception creating a distinct combination of death metal, shoegaze and other flavors, evolving with every release. In 2022 they return with sophomore full-length, 'Liminal Rite', which further pushes the boundaries, delivering a release that is as ruthlessly heavy as it is delicate and fragile. “As far as we know, there aren’t a lot of other bands leaning into the deathgaze tag as much as we are, and it seems to give us a unique sound that is hard to find,” states guitarist Nico Mirolla. The album also asks some deep questions. “What does it mean to live in the past? When does nostalgia become obsession, and guilt, a prison? 'Liminal Rite' explores how the past can both wound and seduce, leading us down a path of self-destruction.”

The CD version contains two bonus songs not on the vinyl pressing


1. The Approaching of Atonement

2. Silvered Shadows

3. Apparitions in Candlelight

4. Dissever

5. Lavender Calligraphy

6. The Blinding Threshold

7. Compost Grave-Song

8. Cellar of Ghosts

9. Glass Phantoms

10. A Vagabond's Lament

11. Beyond The Passage of Embers

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