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PRE-ORDER - Malevolent Creation 'Envenomed II' 2LP Yellow Vinyl - RELEASE DATE 21st October 2022

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Expected release date is 21st Oct 2022

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Re-issue of 'Envenomed II' from American monster death metal band Malevolent Creation on stunning yellow double vinyl - their  seventh album, originally released in 2000. Malevolent Creation established themselves within the underground scene in the late 80’s with fellow American acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Immolation, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Monstrosity, Autopsy and many others.

Limited 2LP yellow vinyl pressing

*Please note image is a mock up only, actual colour may vary on finished pressing*

Side A:

1. Homicidal Rant 
2. Night Of The Long Knives
3. Kill Zone
4. Halved  

Side B:
5. Serial Dementia
6. Bloodline Severed
7. Pursuit Revised
8. Conflict

Side C:
9. Viral Release
10. The Deviant’s March
11. Envenomed

Side D:
12. Perish In Flames
13. Epileptic Seizure (Rerecorded)
14. Confirmed Kill (Rerecorded)

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