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Marillion 'Holidays In Eden' (Deluxe Edition) 4LP Black Vinyl

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Brand-new deluxe edition of Marillion’s ‘Holidays In Eden’ released as a 3CD/Blu-ray set, packaged inside a hard back book which includes additional content, essays and lyrics. The set includes brand-new 2022 remixed stereo version of the album by Stephen W Tayler, as well as a full live show from Hammersmith, London from 1991. The concert includes a number of tracks from 'Holidays In Eden', alongside favourites from previous albums such as 'Berlin', 'Incommunicado' and much more.

Originally released in 1991, 'Holidays In Eden' was Marillion’s sixth studio album and second with Steve Hogarth on lead vocals. Their previous album and first with Hogarth, 'Season’s End', was written fairly quickly, leaning on a large amount of material already being written prior to Hogarth’s arrival. 'Holidays In Eden' brought about a different challenge to the band’s new line-up, having to start from scratch with this new dynamic. 'Holidays In Eden' is a scintillating, compelling rock album, with tracks such as 'The Party' and 'This Town' effortlessly accompanying singles like 'No-One Can' and 'Dry Land'. 


LP1: Holidays In Eden – 2022 Remix

Side A :

1 Splintering Heart [6:44]

2 Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven) [4:04]

3 The Party [5:37]

4 No One Can [4:45]

Side B:

5 Holidays In Eden [5:23]

6 Dry Land [4:45]

7 Waiting To Happen [4:55]

8 This Town [3:19]

9 The Rake’s Progress [1:54]

10 100 Nights [8:07]


LP2: Live Hammersmith, 30th September 1991 (Pt.1)

Side C:

1 Splintering Heart [7:06]

2 Dry Land [4:40]

3 The King Of Sunset Town [8:00]

Side D:

1 Garden Party [7:23]

2 The Party [6:09]

3 Easter [6:26]


LP3: Live Hammersmith, 30th September 1991 (Pt.2)

Side E:

1 The Space… [8:02]

2 Holloway Girl [4:03]

3 A Collection [3:14]

4 Waiting to Happen [5:08]

Side F:

1 Cover My Eyes (Pain & Heaven) [3:55]

2 Lords of the Backstage [1:51]

3 Blind Curve [4:28]


LP4: Live Hammersmith, 30th September 1991 (Pt.3)

Side G:

1 This Town [3:50]

2 Rake's Progress [2:15]

3 100 Nights [4:46]

4 Slàinte Mhath [4:42]

5 Holidays in Eden [5:30]

Side H:

1 Hooks In You [3:17]

2 Berlin [8:20]

3 Kayleigh [3:53]

4 Incommunicado [5:10]

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