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Powerwolf 'Blood of the Saints' (10th Anniversary Edition) LP EYESORE EXCLUSIVE Clear Sunshine Yellow Vinyl

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Blood of the Saints is the fourth studio album by the German power metal band Powerwolf, originally released in 2011. In addition to recording at Studio Fredman, Sweden, the band recorded some parts of the album in the 12th-century Deutschherrenkapelle chapel in Saarbrücken.

The album was awarded the 'Power Metal Album of the Year" award by Metal Hammer. This Anniversay Edition celebrates the album's 10th birthday with an updated package, and an Eyesore exclusive colour vinyl pressing


1. Opening: Agnus Dei

2. Sanctified with Dynamite

3. We Drink Your Blood

4. Murder at Midnight

5. All We Need Is Blood

6. Dead Boys Don't Cry

7. Son of A Wolf

8. Night of the Werewolves

9. Phantom of the Funeral

10. Die, Die, Crucify

11. Ira Sancti (When the Saints Are Going Wild)

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