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Tuesday The Sky 'The Blurred Horizon' Digipack CD

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If you look at Jim Matheos’ career, across his role at the helm of the pioneering progressive metallers Fates Warning, to his collaborations in OSI and Arch/Matheos, and his appearances with Gordian Knot and Memories of Machines as well as his own solo material, people might think they know what to expect from this guitarist. Tuesday The Sky, however, this music expands those boundaries even further.

Instrumental music often forces a different way of thinking when it comes to writing, and Tuesday The Sky is no different: “One of the things I did was to look at the writing from a sound design perspective. What I mean by that is I would start with interesting sounds that would (hopefully) lead to interesting parts, rather than the other way around.” Matheos continues: “So, I would start by experimenting with different guitar/amp/effects combinations, sometimes all analog, sometimes digital, often for days, until I came up with something that inspired me to play things I liked.” It’s an approach that has paid dividends and is reflected in the music.


01 Half Remembered

02 Near Light

03 Cwmwl

04 Where the Enemy Sleeps

05 Laudanum Dream

06 Hypneurotic

07 Later, Then Now

08 Near Dark

09 Half Forgotten

10 The Blurred Horizon

11 Everything is Free

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