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Xentrix 'Kin' LP 'Blade Bullet' Coloured Vinyl

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English thrash metal outfit Xentrix is commonly referred to as one of the “big four” of English thrash metal, given their popularity in the underground metal scene of the mid-1980s to mid-1990s. The band was formed in 1984 under the name Sweet Vengeance, but after signing with Roadrunner Records they changed their name to Xentrix in 1988.

After releasing two successful albums, they released follow-up 'Kin' in1992, which was their second album on the Roadrunner label. It was the last album to feature Chris Astley until his return in 2006.

Featuring fan favourites like ‘The Order Of Chaos’ and ‘All Bleed Red’, the album was seen at the time as a controversial attempt to emulate Metallica’s ‘Black Album’ approach with more straightforward and direct song writing.

Emerging from the UK metal underground in the latter part of the 80’s after forming in 1984 under the moniker Sweet Vengeance, and re-christened Xentrix in 1988, the band quickly established themselves in the burgeoning Thrash Metal underground with their debut LP ‘Shattered Existence’, having been signed to Roadrunner Records.

Xentrix have reformed in recent years, releasing their last album ‘Bury The Pain’ in 2019.

Limited blade bullet coloured vinyl pressing

*Please note image is a mock up only - actual colours may vary on finished product*


Side A:

1. The Order Of Chaos
2. A Friend To You
3. All Bleed Red
4. No More Time
5. Waiting

Side B:

6. Come Tomorrow
7. Release
8. See Through You
9. Another Day

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