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The Wildhearts 'P.H.U.Q.' 2CD Expanded Edition

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'P.H.U.Q.' is the second full length album by The Wildhearts, originally released in May 1995.

The record entered the UK Albums Chart at No.6

Original guitarist/singer CJ was only present for some of the early recording sessions for this album and was later fired by group leader Ginger. Subsequently, some of the album's songs were recorded with only one guitar.


CD 1:

1. I Wanna Go Where The People Go

2. V-Day

3. Just In Lust

4. Baby Strange

5. Nita Nitro

6. Jonesing For Jones

7. Woah Shit, You Got Through

8. Cold Patootie Tango

9. Caprice

10. Be My Drug

11. Naivety Play

12. In Lilly's Garden

13. Getting It / Don't Worry 'bout Me

CD 2:

1. Shandy Bang

2. Can't Do Right For Doing Wrong

3. Give The Girl A Gun

4. Mindslide

5. Friend For Five Minutes

6. S.I.N. (In Sin)

7. Sick Of Drugs

8. Underkill

9. Bad Time To Be Having A Bad Time 

10. Sky Chaser High

11. Red Light - Green Light

12. Got It On Tuesday 

13. Do Anything

14. All American Home Boy Crowd 

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