Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. Your privacy is important to us and this document describes what information we collect from you, as well as how we use and protect that data.

We may update our terms from time to time, so you should check this document periodically to ensure you are happy with any changes. We will notify you of any major alterations. You can also find the latest update time at the end of this page.

By visiting, or otherwise consuming, content from this website, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. If you have any comments or enquiries regarding the practices outlined here, you can contact us via the following methods:

  • Email:

Definition of Terms

Throughout this document, we make reference to a number of terms which are defined below.

This Website, This Site, Online Services
The content (online and downloadable); functionality; tools; and services found at, including any subdomains.
Our Company, Us, We
Eyesore Merch Ltd, trading as Eyesore Merch.
The Visitor, You
Individuals visiting and/or using this website, including offline services as defined above. Visitors may or may not have an account with us or the website.
There are a number of possible accounts:
Website Account

A profile created by a visitor where the visitor has provided identifiable information and has received login credentials in order to access additional functionality and/or content. This may include, but is not limited to, tracking orders online; commenting on items or content; viewing activity history; or setting personal browsing preferences. Identifiable information stored as related to the account may be updated by the visitor via the website.

Newsletter Account

An opt-in subscription to our newsletter service. The account holder may opt-out of the newsletter service via the link in any campaign email.

Offline Account

Any account that the visitor has with the company which does not directly apply to our online services. This relationship falls outside the scope of this document and enquiries or requests should be made with the company directly.

Personal Information, Identifiable Information
This relates to any information you provide us which may identify you as an individual. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Your name or contact information, such as postal address; telephone number; email address; or links to other online accounts.
  • Transaction information, where applicable, such as methods of payment; past purchases or wishlists; or credit / debit card information.
  • Personal preferences, such as default language or currency; or marketing consent.
Anonymous Information, Non-Identifiable Information
This relates to any information collected which does not identify you as an individual. This includes, but is not limited to, the visitor’s: browser and version used; screen resolution; operating system; IP address; time of visit; referring website; what content was consumed; browser capabilities, such as whether JavaScript or cookies are enabled. Note that while this information in isolation cannot be used to identify an individual, in some instances it can be used to create an image of a visitor. For example, an unusual combination of browser choice, screen resolution, location and content viewed could positively identify a returning visitor. If this visitor has previously provided personal information, the two sets of data may be used in conjunction.
The Website Agency, Website Manager
This website is managed in-house by our company.
Email Provider
The company responsible for providing our email services. We use Google Mail for Organizations; for more information, please view their terms of service. The relationship between us and the email provider is mediated by the website manager.

Collection of Information

Information You Submit To Us

This relates to information you choose to send to us; this usually contains identifiable information sent via webforms or emails. The following are the primary methods through which you submit information through our website.

We use personal information to identify you on site where necessary (such as when logged into your website account or place orders through the site); to respond appropriately to website enquiries or transactions; to save your website preferences. We may also occasionally use your contact details to contact you with information relevant to your activity on site, for example to email our account holder about changes to operational information. We will not contact you with marketing information unless you have opted into receiving this kind of information.

We may solicit information from you via the following methods:

  • Contact Forms
  • Comments on Content
  • Direct Emails from between you and us

Information We Collect

While you are on our site, we may collect information about your visit. We do this in order to track and analyse visitor trends and improve our service to you. The following details the primary means we employ to record this data.

* We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Server Logs

As is standard practice, any visit made to this site is logged by our webserver in order to provide general statistics about the site’s visitor demographic.

The information collected in our server log will contain, at most, the following details:

  • Your public IP address (which may be shared by others in your house or even neighbourhood. It can also be masked using proxies, as detailed above).
  • The time you visited the page (accurate to one (1) second).
  • Whether you had just submitted a form (the request method, either GET or POST).
  • Whether the server sent the page successfully (a 3 digit status code).
  • The size of the page or image you viewed.
  • The address of the page you were on before, if you followed a link or submitted a form from that page (the “referer (sic)”).
  • The browser and version you are using (though some browsers can mask this information).
  • The operating system your computer is running.

Google Analytics

In order to collect information about how our visitors use our site, we also use Google Analytics, a JavaScript based website statistics program.

To find out more, view the Ghostery page about Google Analytics or the Google Analytics privacy policy. As this runs via JavaScript and uses cookies, if you are not comfortable with its presence, you can disable it in the following ways:

  • Install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on for Internet Explorer 7 and above, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above.
  • Install Ghostery – a browser extension which blocks unwanted tracking scripts and cookies.
  • Disabling JavaScript in your browser
  • Disabling cookies in your browser

Our Presence Outside This Website

We may implement technology outside the website itself to complement our online and offline services. These services may include, but are not limited to:

Google Adwords

We may use Google Adwords to increase traffic to our site through paid search results. Paid search results appear at the top of a Google search page and are clearly denoted as such. No personally identifiable information is recorded by entering our site through one of these listings, however our analytics system will record that you entered the site via this method, and will record this for the duration of your visit.

This allows us to calculate ROI of our campaigns, as well as analysing general visitor trends.

Who Has Access To Collected Data?

We operate on a need-to-know basis, both within our company and also with our relationships with our website manager and hosting provider. For development purposes, relevant members of staff within the website agency have access to our administration area and analytics data; our hosting provider do not have access to this data but have systems access to website and database files in order to diagnose and optimise server performance.

The hosting provider does not have access to our email mailboxes.

We will never sell, lease or otherwise distribute your information to third parties unless we have your explicit permission and/or are required by law to do so.


We recognise the importance of security as related to your personal information. We follow industry standard methods to protect both personal and anonymous data, both during transmission and once we receive it. Please contact us by email if you have any questions or comments relating to our security measures.

Last updated: 22nd October 2014