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Acid Reign 'Anthology' 4CD Box Set

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Dissonance Productions present the Acid Reign Anthology! This 4CD Box Set includes the bands 1987 demo "Moshkinstein", the 1989 debut album "Fear", and the classic second full length "Obnoxious", originally released in 1990. And to top it off, disc four contains a ton of previously unreleased material! A must have addition to the collection, for fans old and new alike, this release contains the finest thrash the UK has to offer!

Track List:

CD1 – Moshkinstein

2.Suspended Sentence
3.Freedom Of Speech
4.Motherly Love
5.Respect The Dead
6.Chaos (Lambs To The Slaughter)
7.Goddess (Demo)
8.Suspended Sentence (Demo)
9.Bullyboy/Lucifer’s Hammer (Demo)
10.Motherly Love (Demo)
11.Two Minded Take Over (Demo)
12.R.F.Y.S. (Demo)
13.The Burial (Demo)
14.Amnesiac (Bonus Track)
15.Magic Roundabout (Bonus Track)
16.The Argument (Bonus Track)
17.Sabbath Medley (Bonus Track)
18.All I See (Live)
19.Goddess (Live)

CD2 - The Fear

1.You Never Know
2.Reflection Of Truth
3.Insane Ecstasy
5.The Fear
6.Blind Aggression
7.Life In Forms
8.All I See
9.Lost In Solitude
10.Reflections Of Truths (Demo)
11.Blind Aggression (Demo)
12.The Fear (Demo)
13.Insane Ecstasy (Demo)
14.Humanoia (Bonus Track)

CD3 - Obnoxious

1.Creative Restraint
2.Joke Chain
3.Thoughtful Sleep
4.You Are Your Enemy
6.My Open Mind
7.Codes Of Conformity
8.This Is Serious
9.Hangin’ On The Telephone
10.Motherly Love (Live)
11.Warriors Of Genghis Khan (Live)
12.The Joke’s On Us (Bonus Track)
13.Three Year War (Bonus Track)
14.Big White Teeth (Bonus Track)
15.Zzur (Bonus Track)
16.Zzur Mix (Bonus Track)
17.Satanika With H – A Mother’s Love (Bonus Track)
18.Bullyboy (Live)
19.Chaos (Live)

CD4 - Bonus Material

1.Blind Aggression (Live)
2.Creative Restraint (Demo)
3.Hangin’ On The Telephone (Demo)
4.Phantasm (Demo)
6.Plan Of The Damned
7.The Man Who Became Himself
8.Plan Of The Damned (Demo)
9.The Man Who Became Himself (Demo)
10.Goddess / Cerebral Scar

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