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Carpathian Forest 'We're Going to Hell For This' LP Vinyl

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Originally released in 2002, We’re Going To Hell For This consists of band rarities, featuring unreleased material spanning back to the 1990s including the band’s trademark hate-fuelled old school Black Metal, demo tracks, and cover-versions of classics by the likes of Darkthrone, Discharge and Venom. 
Features mainman and sadistic mastermind Nattefrost, along with Vrangsinn, plus Anders Kobro (In the Woods...), and Tchort on bass (Emperor, Green Carnation). 
Savage Black Metal misanthropy from the Norwegian masters, containing rarities and unreleased material. 
180g vinyl with printed inner including lyrics.
Side A 
1 The Angel And The Sodomizer 
2 I Am Possessed 
3 Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell 
4 Bloodlust And Perversion 
5 Possibilities Of Life's Destruction 
6 In The Shadow Of The Horns 
Side B 
1 In League With Satan 
2 The Good Old Enema Treatment Part II 
3 Death Triumphant (Demo Version 1996)