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Cave In 'Until Your Heart Stops' 2LP Red & Sea Blue Vinyl

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The debut album by this legendary metalcore band from 1999. The album has been regarded as a landmark release in the metallic hardcore genre. Its mix of metal, dissonance, and trippy guitars makes this album appeal to a lot more than just the hard core crowd.

Double LP with a blood red vinyl record and a sea blue vinyl record

*Please note image is a mock up only - actual colours may vary on finished product*


Side A:

1. Moral Eclipse
2. Terminal Deity
3. Juggernaut

Side B:

1. The End Of Our Rope Is A Noose
2. Segue 1

Side C:

1. Until Your Heart Stops
2. Segue 2
3. Halo Of Flies

Side D:

1. Bottom Feeder
2. Segue 3
3. Ebola
4. Controlled Mayhem Then Erupts