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Dismember 'Indecent & Obscene' CD Jewel Case

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Between 1988 and 2011 Dismember earned a notorious reputation as the “Motörhead (version) of death metal”, through eight classic albums and furious live shows around the globe. The band was formed by Robert Sennebäck, David Blomqvist and Fred Estby in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1988 and has long since been regarded as one of the originators of the trademark Swedish death metal sound, next to other pioneering bands such as Entombed, Grave and Unleashed. 

After an eight-year hiatus, the band's original line-up reunited for a 30th anniversary gig at Scandinavia Death Fest in October 2019, performing together for the first time in over 20 years. Since then, the band has remained active playing festivals and shows all around the globe, and after relaunching their impressive back catalogue will set sights on new material.

Released in 1993, 'Indecent & Obscene' is the second, more refined studio album by Sweden's death metal masters Dismember and includes classic tunes like 'Skinfather', 'Fleshless', and 'Dreaming in Red' which are mainstays in the group's live set up until now. CD and LP feature the cult “Indecent and Obscene” sticker mocking the censorship troubles Dismember faced at that time.

CD version


1. Fleshless

2. Skinfather

3. Sorrowfilled

4. Case # Obscene

5. Souldevourer

6. Reborn In Blasphemy

7. Eviscerated (Bitch)

8. 9th Circle

9. Dreaming In Red