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Dodsferd 'Loyal To The Cult I' 5CD Box Set

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Dodsferd - Loyal To The Cult, contains 5 classic releases from across the bands illustrious career. The Black metal act from Greece have been stalwarts of the extreme music scene since bands inception in 2001. The CDs included here are "Fucking Your Creation (2007), "Cursing Your Will To Live" (2007), "Death Set the Beginning of My Journey" (2008), "Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow" (2009) and the "Until Your World Go Down" split with Mortovatis (2010). A must have purchase for new and die hard fans alike!

Track List:

CD1 (Fucking Your Creation)

1.Die In Pain
2.…And Disease Was Spread In A Matter Of Seconds
3.I Was Welcome Only By Death
4.Fucking Your Creation

CD2 (Cursing Your Will To Live)

1.All Of Them Are Dead
2.Hyprocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing
3.You Called It Resurrection, I Call It A Fairytale For Parasites, Your Kind!
4.Failure Was Described As Religion, As Heresy
5.I Was Challenged To Enter The Gates Of Blasphemy
6.Under A Broken Cross, I Buried Your World
7.Standing At The Ashes Of A Forsaken Kingdom
8.Cursing Your Will To Live
9.Your Death, My Propitiation
10.I Kept Standing With Disgust

CD3 (Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey)

1.You Were Talking About A Kingdom; What The Fuck Is That!!!
2.The Day You Will All Rot, I Will Bury Forever My Hate!
3.I Can Easily Destroy All The Things I Have Created!
4.Suicide Was Created By Your Incompetence
5.Light Is Darker In This Swamp
6.Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey

CD4 (Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow)

1.Suicide And The Rest Of Your Kind Will Follow
2.His Veins Coloured The Room

CD5 (Until Your World Go Down)

1.Only Thorns Can Embrace Your Condemned Throne
2.Another Two Of Your Scars And The World Is Dead
3.You Called It Resurrection, I Call It A Fairytale For Parasites, Your Kind!
4.Rebirth 349