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'Evil Dead 2' Original Soundtrack LP Green & Black Hand Poured Vinyl

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Directed by Sam Raimi and featuring Bruce Camp- bell reprising his role as Ash Williams, 'Evil Dead 2' is known not only as the quintessential entry of the 'Evil Dead' trilogy, but also of 1980’s cult-classic horror cinema as a whole. 'Evil Dead 2' remains the outstanding follow up to 1981’s 'The Evil Dead', picking up where the first film leaves off, with even more blood, possession, dismemberments, and with generous elements of slapstick comedy.

The music by composer Joseph Loduca ('The Evil Dead', 'Army Of Darkness', 'Ash Vs. Evil Dead') is the sophisticated follow up to the first film’s outstanding soundtrack, engrossing the listener in classic orchestral horror, electronic cues, and haunting lullaby compositions.

Waxwork Records is proud to present the deluxe, re-mastered-for-vinyl edition of the soundtrack to one of the most beloved films in the history of horror cinema.

Limited green and blackhand poured vinyl pressing


1. Behemoth

2. Huh Lil’ Baby/Pee Wee Head

3. The Book of Evil

4. Ash’s Dream/Dancing Game/Dance of the Dead

5. Fresh Panic/The Other Side of Your Dream

6. The Putrified Forest/Under Her Skin

7. The Evil Begins Anew/Sunrise/Ash Attacks

8. Hand And Mouse/Love Transforms/Mirror, Mirror/ Bad Fingers

9. Hail The.../End Title