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Garbage 'Bleed Like Me' (2024 Remaster) LP Silver Vinyl

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Brand new single LP edition of the classic 2005 album, ‘Bleed Like Me’ from LA based highly influential alternative quartet Garbage. This is the first expanded reissue of the album which has never been pressed on vinyl before.

Fully remastered

Limited single LP silver vinyl pressing


Side A:

1. Bad Boyfriend (2024 Remaster)

2. Run Baby Run (2024 Remaster)

3. Right Between The Eyes (2024 Remaster)

4. Why Do You Love Me (2024 Remaster)

5. Bleed Like Me (2024 Remaster)

6. Metal Heart (2024 Remaster)

Side B:

1. Sex Is Not The Enemy (2024 Remaster)

2. It’s All Over But The Crying (2024 Remaster)

3. Boy Wanna Fight (2024 Remaster)

4. Why Don’t You Come Over (2024 Remaster)

5. Happy Home (2024 Remaster)