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Omnium Gatherum 'The Nuclear Blast Recordings' 2CD

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Omnium Gatherum - The Nuclear Blast Recordings features two classic albums the band released through the German label in 2003 and 2004. "Spirits And August Light", plus the 2002 "Steal The Light" EP as a bonus, and "Years In Waste". These first two albums of the band are perfect examples of why Omnium Gatherum are a mainstay of the melodic death metal genre and should be owned by every metal head out there!

Track List:

CD1 (Spirits And August Light / Steal The Light)

3.The Perfumed Garden
4.Amor Tonight
5.Cure A Wound
6.The Emptiness Of Spirit
8.Son’s Thoughts
9.It Shines
10.Wastrel (alternative version)
11.Son’s Thoughts (alternative version)
12.Candles For Giordano Bruno
14.Lost And Found

CD2 (Years In Waste)

1.The Fall Went Right Through Here
2.Waste Of Bereavement
3.Misanthropic (Let The Crown Fall)
4.Black Seas Cry
5.It’s A Long Night
6.No Moon & No Queen
8.The Nolan’s Fati
9.More Withering
10.Auguries Gone

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