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Outlander - 'Sundowning / Unconditional' CD EP

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Birmingham based quartet Outlander's latest release, the EP 'Sundowning / Unconditional' follows their well received 2019 debut album, 'The Valium Machine', and expands upon their established slowcore foundations with richly layered shoegaze and doom.

Recorded and mixed over a four day period by Neil Kennedy at the well revered The Ranch Production House and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, 'Sundowning / Unconditional' shines in it’s chameleonic shifts between alt-rock sensibilities in the vein of Nothing and the languor of Hum and Holy Fawn at their most oppressively dreamlike.

The marriage of shoegaze and doom has proved fruitful in recent years, in part due to it’s fatalistic capturing of 21st century ennui, and Outlander have undoubtedly added themselves to the burgeoning list of exciting new acts that are tapping into the zeitgeist’s current listlessness.

01. Sundowning
02. Unconditional