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The Official Rodney Matthews Colouring Book Limited Signed Edition

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If you ever doodled the logo of your favourite band on the back of your exercise book at school, or you spent hours on end staring at every detail of your favourite vinyl album cover….then this is for you. Rock N’ Roll Colouring is proud to present for the first time an officially endorsed colouring book from world-renowned fantasy and science fiction illustrator Rodney Matthews, famed for over 50 years of epic album cover art for bands including Nazareth, Magnum, Tygers of Pan Tang, Praying Mantis, Diamond Head and Asia.

Featuring iconic artwork from classic albums and other instantly recognizable images, all printed on high quality paper, in a square format, fully endorsed and officially licenced, these killer designs have the potential for hours of satisfying colouring in. This book allows you to grab your pens and pencils and immerse yourself in the awesome creations of Rodney Matthews' imagination.

Each book contains painstakingly created renderings of each image, with beautifully detailed outlines ready for you to unleash your artistic skills using pens, pencils or paint. Let your imagination run wild and add your own interpretation of these classic images, or simply recreate them as closely as you can to the originals. Whatever you decide, the satisfaction of adding your personal touch to these classic designs is extremely rewarding.

Devised and created by two life long rock and heavy metal devotees and colouring book fans, Rock N’ Roll Colouring was formed by fans, for fans. Every effort has gone into making sure these books do justice to the legacy of Iron Maiden, and give fans another reason to enjoy some of the most beautiful and creative artwork from this band. And not only that Colouring has proven significant mental health benefits including mindfulness, relaxation and increased focus, and can be enjoyed by any age group. These books provide hours of creative and restful activity that combines a love of the music with a love of the art.

Limited Edition of 250 comes with a postcard personally hand-signed by Rodney Matthews