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Therion 'Leviathan II' CD Digipack

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Expected release date is 28th Oct 2022

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With defiant determination rarely found in a metal band, Therion have always and exclusively done what they deemed right. Never did they stick to a successful formula, never did they release the same album twice, never did they give in to fickle friends like expectation, commercial aspects or trends. Which makes it all the more astounding that now, 35 years deep into their storied career, they actually do something every fan had hoped but never actually thought possible. Enter 'Leviathan', enter a trilogy focusing on all the trademark elements Therion are beloved by countless of metal fans around the globe.

After the first part set hearts aflame in 2021, evoking goosebumps galore and reminiscing the glory days of the nineties, the symphonic metal grand-seigneurs continue their surprisingly fan-friendly path with their epic odyssey 'Leviathan II'.

The “Leviathan” trilogy is Therion’s way of honouring their storied career, carving out all the elements that made them become the revered symphonic metal titans they are. “That may sound very easy but it was a great challenge for us,” Johnsson says. “I was spending a lot of time analysing the songs people loved the most. We didn’t want to sound like a copy of our former self but we wanted to extract the essence of what our fans love the most about us in order to write songs that bear the essence of our most iconic pieces.”

Rooted deep in the mythologies of the world, in ancient legends, forbidden knowledge and arcane belief, Therion continue their trailblazing stalwarts as masters of mythological metal. “We write about what sparks our interest,” he explains. “To me, this is always a welcome opportunity to dive into some mythology, culture or belief I haven't tapped in too much before.” To his listeners, too. The “Leviathan” trilogy, named after the cosmic beast rising from the seas, is a compendium to the myths of the world, a bestiary of forgotten lands and creatures.

Digipack CD with bonus tracks


1. Aeon Of Maat

2. Litany Of The Fallen

3. Alchemy Of The Soul

4. Lunar Coloured Fields

5. Lucifuge Rofocale

6. Marijin Min Nar

7. Hades And Elysium

8. Midnight Star

9. Cavern Cold As Ice

10. Codex Gigas

11. Pazuzu

12. Aeon Of Maat (Alternative Vocals Version)

13. Pazuzu (AOR Version)

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