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Anathema 'Fine Days 1999 - 2004' CD & DVD Box Set

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"All three Music for Nations albums. ‘Judgement’, ‘A Fine Day to Exit’ and ‘A Natural Disaster’ remastered and brought together with DVD, ‘Were You There?’ in a stunning 24 page hardback book. With new liner notes from the band, new track ‘Fine Days’ and photos."

Track List...

CD1-1 Deep
CD1-2 Pitiless
CD1-3 Forgotten Hopes
CD1-4 Destiny Is Dead
CD1-5 Make It Right
CD1-6 One Last Goodbye
CD1-7 Parisienne Moonlight
CD1-8 Judgement
CD1-9 Don't Look Too Far
CD1-10 Emotional Winter
CD1-11 Wings Of God
CD1-12 Anyone, Anywhere
CD1-13 2000 & Gone

A Fine Day To Exit
CD2-1 A Fine Day
CD2-2 Release 5:40
CD2-3 Leave No Trace
CD2-4 Underworld
CD2-5 Pressure
CD2-6 Panic
CD2-7 Breaking Down The Barriers
CD2-8 Looking Outside Inside
CD2-9 A Fine Day To Exit
CD2-10.1 Temporary Peace
CD2-10.2 In The Dog's House

A Natural Disaster
CD3-1 Harmonium
CD3-2 Balance
CD3-3 Closer
CD3-4 Are You There?
CD3-5 Childhood Dream
CD3-6 Pulled Under At 2000 Metres A Second
CD3-7 A Natural Disaster
CD3-8 Flying
CD3-9 Electricity
CD3-10 Violence

Were You There?
Live Concert Video Recorded In Krakow - 31/1/04
DVD-1 Intro: Childhood Dream
DVD-2 Balance
DVD-3 Closer
DVD-4 Pressure
DVD-5 Release
DVD-6 Forgotten Hopes
DVD-7 Destiny Is Dead
DVD-8 Are You There?
DVD-9 One Last Goodbye
DVD-10 Pulled Under At 2000 Metres Per Second
DVD-11 Parisienne Moonlight
DVD-12 A Natural Disaster
DVD-13 Judgement
DVD-14 Panic
DVD-15 Temporary Peace
DVD-16 Flying

Live Acoustic Performance Filmed At The Picket, Liverpool - 27/2/04
DVD-17 One Last Goodbye
DVD-18 Temporary Peace
DVD-19 Flying

DVD-20 Pressure (Promo Video Clip)
DVD-21 Release (Live In London)
DVD-22 A Natural Disaster (Live In Hamburg)

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