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At The Gates 'With Fear I Kiss The Burning Darkness' LP Black Vinyl

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Classic second album from the Swedish melodic death metal pioneers – presented on 180gm heavyweight vinyl. Sweden's At the Gates formed in 1990 and the Gothenburg based group released 4 highly successful and influential studio albums before the band broke up in 1996. They later reformed in 2007 & have been embarking upon successful reunion dates across the globe in recent years. Regarded as a highlight of the band's career by many who followed them from their earliest incarnation, With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness, was originally released in 1993. The album was known for its breakthrough style at the time, with highly complex melodic arrangements retaining a dark and brutal edge mixed with slight black metal overtones and poetic, philosophical lyrics suiting the tracks perfectly. The album also featured a guest appearance by Matti Karki of Dismember. This edition of 'With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness' is presented on 180gm heavyweight vinyl.

Track List:

1. Beyond Good And Evil

2. Raped By The Light Of Christ

3. The Break Of Autumn

4. Non-Divine

5. Primal Breath

6. The Architects

7. Stardrowned

8. Blood Of The Sunsets

9. The Burning Darkness

10. Ever-Opening Flower

11. Through The Red