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Autopsy 'Severed Survival' LP Vinyl

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One of the early death metal acts, & no stranger to controversy over the years, Autopsy formed in 1987 in San Francisco, & released 4 albums on Peaceville Records before disbanding in 1995 & going on to form Abscess.

The band notably features legendary drummer Chris Reifert, who began his recording career with US metal greats, Death, before taking on the unusual duty of handling drums & vocals for Autopsy. Autopsy has influenced a whole generation of extreme metal bands, from Entombed & Dismember to Darkthrone.

Severed Survival is (rightly) hailed as one of death metal's finest releases. A completely rotten & uncompromising sound - Dirty, sludgy, death & doom metal mixed in with repulsive tales of death and disease - it was originally released in April 1989.

This vinyl edition of the album is not numbered and comes on standard black vinyl in a single sleeve.


1. Charred Remain

2. Service for a Vacant Coffin

3. Disembowel

4. Gasping for Air

5. Ridden with Disease

6. Pagan Saviour

7. Impending Dread

8. Severed Survival

9. Critical Madness

10. Embalmed

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