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Avenger 'Steel On Steel - The Complete Avenger Recordings' 3CD Digipak

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44 track, 3 disc set from classic NWOBHM act Avenger, featuring their first two full length studio albums with bonus tracks,
plus a third disc containing an unreleased live set recorded on their US tour in 1986.

CD 1 features their debut full length recording, ‘Blood Sports’, originally released in 1984.
CD 2 features the follow up ‘Killer Elite’, originally released in 1985.
CD 3 features an 11 track live set recorded on March 3rd, 1986, at L’Amour’s in Brooklyn. This recording contains the completely unreleased track ‘Like A Tiger’.

Avenger formed in 1982 with core members Mick Moore, Brian Ross and Gary Young, following the dissolution of their previous band Blitzkrieg. They released the classic ‘Too Wild To Tame’ 7” on Neat Records before Ross left and joined the band Satan.

The band released two full length albums and toured Europe and the US before splitting in 1986. For a short while the band included in its ranks one David Walls, later to find success as Ginger Wildheart.

This release is bolstered with the addition of several bonus tracks including an unreleased live version of fan favourite ‘N.O.T.J.’ and two unreleased tracks from their 1983 demo, taken from Mick Moore’s personal archive. The entire L’Amour’s live show is previously unreleased.

In addition, the booklet features a new extensive in depth interview with band leader and bassist Mick Moore by NWOBHM historian John Tucker. Moore supplied many unseen photos also included from his personal archive.

3CD digipack version


CD1: Blood Sports

1. Enforcer
2. You’ll Never Take Me (Alive)
3. Matriarch
4. Warfare
5. On The Rocks
6. Rough Ride
7. Victims Of Force
8. Death Race 2000
9. N.O.T.J.
10. Too Wild To Tame *
11. On The Rocks *
12. Hot N’ Heavy Express (Demo ’82) *
13. Hunt You Down (Demo ’82)*
14. Love’s Too Late (Demo ’82) *
15. N.O.T.J. (Live in Belgium)*^
16. Hot N’ Heavy Express (Radio Jingle 1982) *
*Bonus Track
^ Previously unreleased track

CD2: Killer Elite

1. Revenge Attack
2. Run For Your Life
3. Brand Of Torture
4. Steel On Steel
5. (Fight For The) Right To Rock
6. Hard Times
7. Under The Hammer
8. Face To The Ground
9. Dangerous Games
10. Yesterday’s Heroes
11. M.M. 85
12. Sawmill
13. Rough Ride (Demo ’83)*
14. Enforcer (Demo ’83)*
15. Push It To The Limit (Demo ’83)*^
16. Turn It Loose (Demo ’83)*^
17. Brand Of Torture (Hot ‘N’ Heavy Show ’85)*
* Bonus Track
^ Previously unreleased track

CD3: Live At L’Amour, Brooklyn, March 3, 1986 *

1. Hard Times
2. Run For Your Life
3. Under The Hammer
4. N.O.T.J.
5. Yesterday’s Heroes
6. Rough Ride
7. Steel On Steel
8. Face To The Ground
9. Brand Of Torture
10. (Fight For The) Right To Rock
11. Like A Tiger ^
* Previously unreleased live recording
^ Previously unreleased track