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Cattle Decapitation 'Humanure' LP Orange Marbled Vinyl

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'Humanure' is the second album by American deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation. It was released in 2004 and has been noted for its iconic cover art, depicting a cow defecating what appears to be human body parts in a wasteland environment — the image has been compared to the artwork for Pink Floyd’s album 'Atom Heart Mother'. 'Humanure' generated some minor controversy around the time of release for its obscene imagery.

The album's opening track "Scatology Domine" (the title of which is a Pink Floyd reference, in this case to the song "Astronomy Domine") is a cover of the opening of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Gabe Serbian, Justin Pearson, and Robert Bray of The Locust made guest appearances on the album, along with former member Scott Miller.

Exclaim! wrote: "These CA sickos have honed their death-grind skills down to perfection now; harnessing the early Carcass sound and adding in modern death metal ingredients, CD are one of the best doing this sound today." Orlando Weekly wrote that "Cattle Decapitation again provide a potent antidote to the prevalent knucklehead mindset that defines most metal."

This is a 21st century metal classic!

Orange Marbled Vinyl Pressing

*Please note - image is a mock up only, actual colours may vary on finished product*


Side A:

1. Scatology Domine (Intro)
2. Humanure
3. Reduced To Paste
4. Bukkake Tsunami
5. Cloacula: The Anthropophagic Copromantik
6. Chummified

Side B

1. Applied Human Defragmentation
2. Polyps
3. Lips & Assholes
4. Men Before Swine (Outro)