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Control Denied 'The Fragile Art Of Existence' 2LP Black Vinyl

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1999's The Fragile Art of Existence is the only studio album by CONTROL DENIED, a progressive metal band founded by Chuck Schuldiner, DEATH's lead vocalist, guitarist, primary songwriter and only continuous member. This was also Chuck Schuldiner's final studio album before he died of brain cancer on December 13, 2001.

 'The Fragile Art of Existence' is the sound of traditional metal stepping into a new century: an album where the experiences and inspirations of trail-blazing, world-class musicians coalesced under the watchful eye of one of the genre's master craftsmen.

2 LP Black Vinyl


Side A:

1. Consumed 
2. Breaking The Broken

Side B:
1. Expect The Unexpected
2. What If...?

Side C:
1. When The Link Becomes Missing
2. Believe 

Side D:
1. Cut Down
2. The Fragile Art Of Existence