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Kreator 'Hate Uber Alles' 2LP Trifold Black Vinyl

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World renowned extreme Metal titans Kreator are back.

Five years after their incredibly successful 'Gods Of Violence' album, the genre-defining band presents their most political effort to date. “Hate Über Alles” (in the tradition of US punk icons Dead Kennedys 'California Über Alles') is a bold statement against hate and the division of society in today’s world. While perfecting their signature sound of thrash metal that inspired countless other bands over the past 4 decades, KREATOR have managed to close the gap between the old and new school, still reaching new audiences, playing sold out shows to even bigger crowds as they move on.

Limited Edition Trifold Double Black Vinyl


Side A:

1. Sergio Corbucci Is Dead

2. Hate Über Alles

3. Killer Of Jesus

4. Crush The Tyrants

Side B:

5. Strongest Of The Strong

6. Become Immortal

7. Conquer And Destroy

8. Midnight Sun

Side C:

9. Demonic Future

10. Pride Comes Before The Fall

11. Dying Planet

Side D: