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Satan's Host 'Burning In Their Purity - The Elixir Era' 5CD Digipak

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Satan’s Host- Burning In Their Purity - The Elixir Era, is a 5CD box set featuring an array of classic releases the band put out during their successful run as an integral part of the underground metal scene. The CDs included here are - Archidoxes Of Evil (2000), Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy) (2004), Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick (2006), Great American Scapegoat (2008), and finally, Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection… 999 (2009). This release makes a perfect addition for any diehard fan, or as an introduction to any newcomers recently discovering these often overlooked metal gems.

CD1 (Archidoxes Of Evil)

1.Lilith, Consorting Lucifer
2.Devil’s Orison
3.Spheric Destiny
4.Nightside Of Eden
5.Plight Of The Magus
6.Circle Of Chaos
8.Purified In Pain
9.Clan Of The Hellions
10.Shamanic Spectra
11.Demons From Nazarene – Ode To Lucifer

CD2 (Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy))

1.Sulfuric Stardust
2.Ecliptic Equinox
3.Sinners In Sanctuary
5.A Darkmoon Gathering
6.A New Philosophy
7.Burning The Born Again
8.The Unholy Sabbath
9.Satanic Magistrerium
10.Inner-voice Gem
11.Inverted Jesus
13.Satan’s Host
14.Inside The Castle Of Euphoric Blasphemy
15.Luciferian Law Evoked

CD3 (Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick)

1.World Wide 9… The Calling
2.Necromantic Art
3.666… Mega Therion
4.Satanic Grimoire
5.Black Magick
6.Chameleon Of Witchery
7.Incantations Vibrating From Shadow Demons
8.Metal From Hell… 22nd Century
9.My Will, My Law: Evil
10.Lesser Keys
11.Evoking Asmoday
12.418 [bonus track]
13.Infernal Calling [bonus track]

CD4 (Great American Scapegoat)

1.Invocation… 666
2.Ave. Lucifer
4.Azrael: Death Wing Angel
5.Great American Scapegoat
6.Hail Satan
7.7 Strings, Sin
8.Black Order
9.Pyromancy, The Art Of Fire
10.Xeper 22
11.The Cursing, “Vampyric Evil-Eye”
12.Infernal Victory
13.Throne Of Baphomet

CD5 (Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection… 999)

1.Pt. I - Sitra~Ahra (Power 9)
2.Pt. I - Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)
3.Pt. I - Buer
4.Pt. II - 333 (Purity 9)
5.Pt. II - End All, Be All (2012)
6.Pt. II - 9 Lords, 9 Keys… Abyss-King
7.Pt. II - Paimon
8.Pt. III - Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)
9.Pt. III - Satanic Magick (Evil Divine)
10.Pt. III - Xem Deitus 999

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