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Twilight Force 'At The Heart Of Wintervale' LP Ice Blue Vinyl

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The legend of Twilight Force began to form in the year 2007 of the Human Era. It was the result of a yearning to bring back the golden age of Epic Symphonic Power Metal. But Twilight Force soon became an entity of its own, evolving and elevating the genre to new heights and sounds. By fusing triumphant melodies with rich orchestral arrangements and swift performances, Twilight Force creates an intense and immersive experience. Transporting the listener to a magic realm filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerising tales from the mythical world known as The Twilight Kingdoms. 

Using their vast experience from previous musical endeavours, their classical training, and technical proficiency, Twilight Force spawned the first ever Adventure Metal album in 2014 'H.E. - Tales of Ancient Prophecies'. Two more critically acclaimed albums followed in its wake, 'Heroes of Mighty Magic' (2016), and 'Dawn of the Dragonstar' (2019), with the fourth opus 'At the Heart of Wintervale' now set for release via Nuclear Blast Records.

Once again, the cover artwork has been created by the brilliantly skilled Kerem Beyit, and is directly connected to the album’s title track as the band explains: “It depicts the tale told in ‘At the Heart of Wintervale’ where an evil curse is broken, and the ancient dragon may finally roam the realms again, free and unfettered!"

With the band embarking on a headlining tour through Europe and UK on time with the album’s release, Twilight Force look immensely forward to continue their epic tale.

“So, sharpen your swords, dust off your magic tomes, and brew your strongest potions. It is time to join Twilight Force on their quest for the eternal glory of the Twilight Kingdoms, once again. 

May the Power of the Dragon guide you!”

Limited Ice Blue vinyl pressing


Side A:

1. Twilight Force

2. At The Heart Of Wintervale

3. Dragonborn

4. Highlands Of The Elder Dragon

Side B:

5. Skynights Of Aldaria

6. A Familiar Memory

7. Sunlight Knight

8. The Last Crystal Bearer

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